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ข่าวที่น่าสนใจจากสำนักข่าวต่างประเทศ ประจำที่ 27 มีนาคม พ.ศ. 2558
  News summary   (กองประมวลและวิเคราะห์ข่าว)
  Thai deputy PM: Journalists threat 'not serious'   (อื่น ๆ)
  No laughing matter: Thai junta leader's renewed threat to media   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai Reporters: Junta Leader's Execution Quip No Laughing Matter   (VOA)
  Thai PM Warns Media, Say Has Power to Execute Reporters   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai PM Prayuth jokes he has powe to 'execute' journalists   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai coup leader says he's a democrat, jokes about executing journalists   (Washington Post)
  U.S. 'troubled' by Thai leader's threat to execute journalists   (Reuters)
  US 'troubled' by Thai leader's threat to execute journaliats   (AP)
  Thai junta targets dussebnt witg visits to student activist homes   (Reuters)
  Thailand after the coup: The pen and the sword   (Economist)
  Singaporeans must never forget Lee Kuan Yew: Ex-Thai PM Prem   (Channel News Asia)
  Thailand, Vietnam look for garment co-operation   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thailand, Brunei Sign MoU On Agricutural Cooperation   (Bernama)
  India, Thailand explore possibilities of deepening defence ties   (อื่น ๆ)
  US: Thailand must end slavery in its fishing fleets   (AP)
  Kiwi retailers shocked at cat fish-food slavery claims   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thailand Denies Forced Labour In Fisheries Industry   (Bernama)
  Thailand toughens trafficking law with death penalty, steep fines   (Reuters)
  Thailand Toughens Human Trafficking Penalties   (VOA)
  Thailand adopts tougher anti-trafficking penalties   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai financial risks seen   (อื่น ๆ)
  ANALYSIS: Depressed Thai market forces eco-car rethink   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai February exports have biggest fall in 6 months, but imports rise   (The Straits Times)
  Destructive Drought Cuts Swathe Through Thailand Agricultural Sector   (อื่น ๆ)
  Internet Access in Indonesia Closer to Laos Than Thailand   (Wall Street Journal)
  Thai Airways embarks on major net work and fleet restructuring but long-term challenges remain   (อื่น ๆ)
  Innovate or die: Thailand's top industrial firms ramp up R&D budgets   (Reuters)
  Four suspected rebels dead after military raid in Thai south   (Reuters)
  Four rebel suspets killed, 22 arrested in Thai south clash   (อื่น ๆ)
  Rights group urges Thailand to let 'Uighur' go to Turkey   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai surroacy: Ambassador defends decision to grant citizenship to babies born by surrogate   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thais smile through gritted teeht for China   (Reuters)
  Please behave, Thailand tells Chinese tourists   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai model who ranted about Chinese tourists under attack   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thailand is passé, we look for new lands   (อื่น ๆ)
  Phuket, Thailand: The Good , the Bad and the Ugly   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thai airport to charge extra fee for screening travelers   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thailand Issue World's First Elephant ID Cards   (Bernama)
  Thai junta stalls motor show's souped-up sex appeal   (อื่น ๆ)
  Thailand to ban gays from monkhood   (อื่น ๆ)
  Trains collide in Thailand, over 20 injured   (AP)
  Thailand Train Crash In Ayutthaya Leaves Dozens Injured   (อื่น ๆ)
  Train crash injures over 40 in Thailand   (Xinhua)
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