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  Former Thai premier Thaksin investigated for lese-majesty   (Deutche Press Agentur (DPA))
  Thai ex-PM Thaksin under investigation for lese majeste   (AFP)
  Thailand Revokes Passport of Ousted PM Thaksin   (AP)
  Thai protest leaders handed prison terms -and freed on bail   (Reuters)
  Thailand Sentences 6 'Yellow Shirt' Protesters to 2 Years in Prison   (VOA)
  Thai 'yellow shirt' leaders sentenced for 2008 protest   (AFP)
  Thai court jails 6 'Yellow Shirt' leaders over 2008 protests   ( )
  Thai Protes Leaders Jailed for Two Years for Anti-Govt Rally   ( )
  Rough winds ahead for Thai generals   (The Straits Times)
  U.S. will find a cooperative ally in Thailand at the Asia Security Summit   (The Washington Times)
  Economic recovery bodes well for Russia-Thailand business ties   ( )
  Japan to provide Shinkansen technology to Thailand   ( )
  Japan calls for Thai investments   ( )
  Thai central bank says it is not trying to weaken baht   (AFP)
  Thai industrial production -5.30% vs. -2.00% forecast   ( )
  UPDATE- 1-Plunge in Thai April factory output shows continuing economy woes   (Reuters)
  New Thai Licences Could Cut Myanmar's Gas Sales to Thailand   ( )
  Thai companies have once-sleepy border areas buzzing   ( )
  Malaysia: 139 bodies found in suspected migrant graves   (Al Jazeera)
  Malaysia: 139 people Buried in Remote Graves on Border   (VOA)
  Asian refugee crisis: trafficked migrants held off Thailand in vast 'camp boats'   (The Guardian)
  Thailand to host migrant crisis talks   ( )
  Search, rescue desperately needed in SE Asia refugee crisis: HRW   (The Jakarta Post)
  Malaysia investigates police over links to mass graves   (BBC)
  Human Rigthts Watch: Put migrants' rights at center of Asian summit   (CNN)
  Countries urged to make boat people focus of migrant summit   (The Jakarta Post)
  Thailand calls for int't commitment on boat people   ( )
  Over 2.500 Migrant Still Adrift, UN Says Ahead of SE Asia Meeting   ( )
  No mass graves, but proper burial plots foun at migrant camp   ( )
  Two policemen babbed over human trafficking   ( )
  Thailand to host talks on regional migrant crisis   (AFP)
  South-East Asian migrant crisis: Thailand hosts meeting to find solution;suspected Rohingya boats ev   ( )
  Asia's migrant crisis meeting unlikely to yield solutions   (Reuters)
  Assistant Secretary Anne C. Richard Travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur to Highlight U.S.   ( )
  Hisham relieved Indonesia and Thailand are helping to solve Rohingya crisis   ( )
  This Cartoon In A Thai Newspaper About Malaysia's Grave Situation Is Going Viral   ( )
  TAT, Thai tourism stakeholders paid visit to two of China's leading travel agencies   ( )
  Japan, South Korea and Thailand lead first-quarter tourism surge- new PATA report   ( )
  Amazing Thailand Grand Sale fair 2015 to take place 11-14 Jun   ( )
  Thailand revising its tourism outlook to increase visitation   ( )
  British 'backpacker raped in Thailand: Teenager 'abducted and sexualy assaulted by biker gang'   ( )
  Brit teenage backpacker 'raped by biker gang' in Thailand   ( )
  Zipline failure in Thailand leaves man clinging for dear life   ( )
  Kaspersky Lab discovers Grabit: A Cyber-spy Tracking SMBs in Thailand, India and theUS   ( )
  Cyber-spy tracking SMBs in India, Thailand and the US   ( )
  Phuket Skal Club reaches out to children of Nepal   ( )
  Chelsea stars BANNED from seedy Bangkok sex dens   ( )
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